Failure: Input not completely consumed: Getting an Error when I validate my pipeline

Hello all,

I am using an Union Snap having multiple input views, however, when I validate my pipeline I get the following error:
Failure: Input not completely consumed, Reason: Snap failed unexpectedly and did not provide any reason.

When I actually execute the pipeline works without any issues.

Could someone explain what could be the issue? Has anyone else faced a similar issue?

Inputs would be appreciated.

Thank you!

I have had the same sort of problem. With me, it was reading a zip file. From what I can see there are three possibilities:

  1. You don’t have a snap connected. Make sure they are all grey, rather than white.(ESPECIALLY unlikely, since it is running when you tell it to run)
  2. You don’t have a snap set to execute on preview. If it is needed for this, set it.
  3. MY problem was that the dataset was too big for the preview limit, so it stopped in it’s tracks. You can fix this by creating a smaller sample for a test.