Feature Request : Add Time Failed as a column within Dashboard

In the Dashboard of Pipeline Execution Histories, it would be nice to have another column for Time Failed/Ended that you could sort on. If you have a pipeline that is running for a good amount of time and then fails, it jumps to the when the pipeline started within the histories and isn’t viewable on the main page of executions. You have to know when the pipeline started and go back through the histories to find that pipeline execution to look at the pipeline statistics (and possibly determine why it failed). If you could sort on Time Failed/Ended, then that execution would appear near the top and would be easily accessible.

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You can filter by statuses of “Failed”. Does that not help in getting to the pipeline quickly?


It may, but it still depends on knowing when the pipeline was started and including that in the date range. It also may require filtering through other pipelines that may have failed before then (we typically have multiple versions of the same pipeline running against different environments (Development environment, QA testing, personal development of pipelines, etc) where the pipelines would have the same name.