Feature request: Allow SOAP Execute Snap WSDL URL to be specified by a field

We’ve developed a custom Snap that is tied to a custom account which accepts a SOAP URL, a username and password… The account.connect() method logs in to the specified webserivce by making a SOAP request to the login operation to retrieve the session id. The Snap outputs this session id, along with the WSDL URL specified in the account.

We’d like to use the wsdl URL output by this custom snap as the WSDL URL for downstream SOAP snaps in our pipeline.

This does not appear to be possible currently.

If this is a known limitation of the SOAP snap, it should be addressed.


Did you get the actual values and hard code them into this snap? Did it work?

If so, Then After making sure it works, you just have to replace WSDL URL with a parameter name. It definitely works with parameters.

So in your case, the custom snap will be passing the values as parameters to your soap execute snap.

Hope that makes sense.



We have no issues with using the SOAP snap with a WSDL url specified via a parameter (_wsdl) … but that is not acceptable.
We are publishing pipeline patterns to be used by our clients to integrate DestinyOne (our continuing education system) with Salesforce. DestinyOne exposes webservices via SOAP. Authentication/authorization to these services is done by specifying a username/password (via SOAP login method call) which returns a sessionId that should be used for all other SOAP calls.
We want our clients to be able to set up these pipeline projects entirely through the SnapLogic-provided wizard, which means that all required properties must be specified from within an account.

That is why we published a custom DestinyOne Login Snap backed by a DestinyOne Account. The account stores a username/password and the SOAP URL. We would like the URL value from the DestinyOne account to be usable with the SOAP snap. Because the Account we added was a custom account type, the Snap we added reads the URL value from the account and uses it to compute the WSDL URL and specify it as part of the output (see below):

How can we get the wsdlUrl output field from the DestinyOne snap to serve as the WSDL Url from the downstream SOAP snap?

What happens if you place a Mapper after your DestinyOne Snap? Do you see the output from your Snap as the input schema? Just wondering if you could use the Mapper to send the content to a field which the SOAP Snap could pick up.

I tried this already and it does not solve the problem: I continue to see the same error message on the SOAP snap.

You may need to submit a feature request through SnapLogic Support or your account manager.


I’ll reach out to support to request this enhancement. Thanks for your prompt replies!