Feature Request: Diff Snap - Ignore Non-Matching Fields

I use the Diff snap regularly. The input sources for New and Original don’t always have the same number of matching fields, however in many cases, I’m only interested in the deltas of the matching fields but want to pass through all of the non-matching fields of the New input. It would be beneficial to have an “Ignore Non-Matching Fields” flag in the Diff snap so that it does not include non-matching fields in its comparison but passes them through to the output.

(Currently, I have to separate the fields out with a Copy and Mapper and then re-Join them downstream of the Diff)


I second this. Just started using DIFF snap, and would love to compare certain fields but not others.

I would like to see this also. What’s the best way to vote for a request? Like it or reply with a comment?

For now, comment. (We’re looking at other options.)
If you have additional information to add as to why you want something, I can add that to the enhancement request as well.

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The ability to ignore fields would allow far less manipulation and preparation prior to the Diff snap would be very welcome. Especially when those fields are needed after the Diff snap, so one must then perform joins or other post Diff processing.