Feature Request: Disable Snap without Deleting It


I would love to be able to disable snaps in a pipeline so they won’t have any impact on pipeline execution while I’m building/developing. This would speed up my development process dramatically, especially when I’m trying to solve a problem using multiple approaches to determine which is best.

I.e., The pipeline would act as if the snap was deleted, so you won’t get things like “Pipeline has 2 unlinked input values”, but it’s still there in the sense that any configuration I’ve made does not get lost so I can quickly bring it back without having to save multiple copies of the pipeline or versioning.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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I can see some situations where that may be useful. For some other situations, (a) if a user disables their formater or parser, would you expect the subsequent Snap to throw the appropriate failure or (b) if a mapper was disabled and the fields transformed did not match what a downstream snap was expecting, then would that fail?

Is the main problem such that you need to disable a Snap or is it more so that validation can sometimes prevent/disrupt the development workflow? One suggestion I have heard is to change the validation of mapper so it doesn’t require input as that was an example a user mentioned that was disruptive to development so I wanted to see if you were running into something similar.

There are two important things that can affect the behavior.

  1. Auto Validate - please disable on user settings. It should not affect
    your saving the pipeline during development.
  2. Execute on Preview - Most snaps you are referring to should have that
    and once it is unchecked, it will behave as if it did not exist. However,
    if you need the output from that snap for an onward development, still
    suggest caching works so that particular snap actually returns cached
    results which should be faster. Pipeline Execute is the only exception I
    have observed but even though it runs, it still gives cached results unless
    you do the Retry Validation.

Hope that makes sense.

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We also shared this feedback in the recent CAB meeting

The ability to disable a Snap within a pipeline is available in the May 2019 (4.17) release. See the documentation topic Iterative Development of Pipelines Using Disabled Snaps for more information.