Feature Request : Expose POST operation on Monitoring API

Hi SL team,

We’re thinking of leveraging publicly available Monitoring API to design a replay service, which on the basis of STATE of the pipeline (Failed etc.) will reprocess the failed transaction. Currently we couldn’t find a way to update the status of the pipeline from FAILED to COMPLETED.

If possible please plan to provide a POST method to manipulate the state of the pipeline.



Public Monitoring APIs will not allow you to update the state of a
pipeline. That capability is available only to the SnapLogic Platform

I am assuming for your use case, you may be keeping track of the failed
pipeline somewhere outside of SnapLogic. If so, you can maintain the state
of the execution outside of SnapLogic and have logic to process it only one

If I am missing anything, let me know.

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks for your response Naveen.

Unlike we design in traditional ESBs, we were trying to avoid dependency on external DB to track the status of failed pipeline. For this reason we thought if we can manipulate the final status of pipeline and have a cleaner design approach.

I understand SL is projected more as a streaming platform, but if you are implementing it as a core ESB platform in your landscape involving multiple on premise ERP’s you can’t avoid the scenario of message replay in case of planned/unplanned outages.