Get apim (APIs in SnapLogic) metadata


I’m using the snaplogic Read and SnapLogic list snap to get all the metadata of snaplogic (accounts, pipelines and tasks) but know I want to get the metadata also from the apim (accounts, tasks and pipelines from the APIs).

For know I only could get the asset type dir …/apim and the asset_type == api with the name.
But when I used those two paths of again in the read or list snap I get nothing from it. But i know that that api has certain pipelines, tasks, …

Anyone already have tried to get metadata from the APIs in snaplogic or knows what I need to do next?


I found the solution myself. It was because I needed to do two Snaplogic listings more to get the nested path to the project. Then I was able to subtract the metadata (tasks/files/pipelines/…) from the APIs