How can we access non public data areas?

I have been asked several times to determine how to access a given data source/target only to go back and state that we can’t use sources that need VPN, etc… We aren’t on a setup where we have control of the snaplex.

Is there a way, or a plan, to provide any VPN type access in a project, or a connection? It would be a great feature if you could do it, and is one that we really need.

A Groundplex machine needs to be have network access to the endpoint from which data needs to be accessed. If the endpoint access is restricted, starting a Groundplex in the same network as the endpoint is the easiest solution. Since the Groundplex needs only outbound access to the SnapLogic control plane, the networking requirements are easiest to satisfy in this setup. The communication to the control plane can be direct, through a HTTP proxy or through a firewall whitelist.

If direct network access to the endpoint is not available from the Groundplex machine, it is possible to install third party or open source VPN software on the Groundplex node and enable connectivity, assuming there is a VPN server running. This would have to be done by the customer’s network operations team, this is not part of SnapLogic functionality.