How can we send a parameter in soap execute URL

Hi Folks,

I am using SOAP Execute Snap and i need to send an additional parameter in the URL endpoint. Can anyone please guide here, how can i send an additional param"MessageId" in URL.

This “MessageId” will be different everytime, unique for each and every requests.

Attached are the screenshots from SOAP UI.

Hi @vshalbnsal,

In the SOAP Execute snap you have the WSDL Url followed by the Service Name, Endpoint, and Operation. Try to fulfill all of them. The last one is the Operation which actually is the method of your SOAP service - in your case, it should have a parameter/argument MessageId (in the code of the service).

Then you can go down in the snap and find “Customize Envelope”. From there “Generate Template” should generate soap xml and withdraw MessageId. It’s then automatically used by the method, and you should not add/send MessageId somewhere.

BR, Igor