How to add a line break in body email using snaplogic expression

Hello friends!
Does anyone know a way to add some line breakers (\n) into an body´s email?

_v1+" “+_v2+” "+_v3 has this output:
1 2 3
how can i have this output:

Note- i´ve tried plain and HTML text.
I´ve tried several ways inside Snaplogic’s expressions tool, but without success (\n is simply ignored).
Any hint is welcome, even if i have to add other snaps.

Hello @AngeloRAlves ,
You will need to use <br>. below is given one example, which I think can help you how the expression can be composed correctly:

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Agreed with @ljupcho_machkovski.

@AngeloRAlves - Please write a html script in the email sender snap and put the tag as <br> for line breaks.

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Can someone please suggest how to add line break in Plain test email?