How to call the Public Api in Rest get

In Rest Get Snap, we need to call this API [GET /api/1/rest/public/runtime/snaplogic]
,there is a notification here that authentication is required, but where can I get this authentication for this API

I got the API from this Docs

Please help how to get all this information in brief

Hi @Pretty,

There’s two ways of adding authorization to your REST call. One is to create a REST Basic Auth Account with your SnapLogic user and password as credentials, and the other is to add your authorization code as a header.

Authorization code will again be a Base64 encoded version of your SL credentials. Use the following expression in a mapper:


And add the result code in a header like below:



I tried with REST Basic Auth Account
Showing Error like

and added authorization code as a header

Add your organization at the end:

After passing org facing same error

Authorization should be an HTTP Header, not a Query Parameter and you also have a spelling error in the key:


Make sure that the value of the header is in this format "Basic {encoded value}"


The “org” should be the name of the SnapLogic Organization that you are working on(or the organization where you want to run the monitoring API on).

Spiro Taleski

Yes I corrected

Thank you all for you time, It helped me a lot