How to convert comma separated values to rows in SnapLogic?

I have a requirement, based on the column values I need to split the records

1 abc,def,ghi
2 jkl,mno,pqr

1 abc
1 def
1 ghi
2 jkl
2 mno
2 pqr

Need to convert columns to rows in Snaplogic. Kindly let me know for any suggestions? thanks in advance!!

From a high level,

use group by N with 0 documents, combine them into an array (group)


I have applied the same logic but getting error like below group itself undefined.

Did you use the group by N before this?

Also can you try with null safe access and see what you get?

I used “group by N”. but not Group by Fields Even after null safe also facing the same.:roll_eyes:

please use group by N and try

I used “group by N”. after shift validation the error got resolved but unable to get proper result set.

please refer my below screenshot for reference.


IMO, this can be achieved in 3 steps:
Step 1. Split the Name on basis of comma.
Step 2. Create an array using map() with ID and NAME as key like below:
$ => {‘ID’: $ID,‘NAME’:x})
Step 3. Use json splitter.