How to convert local date time to UTC

Hi there

I’m pulling a date time value from SQL Server which is brought into Snaplogic as an local date time object like so
this happens to be New York eastern time zone

I want to now convert this to a UTC date time.
{_snaptype_datetime:2019-11-13T11:04:41.424 UTC}

Time has been adjusted by 5 hours, but during day light savings period would need to adjust by 4 hours.

I’m struggling how to do this in a Snaplogic expression. All the functions seem to require that the date be an UTC date object. I could do this with a toString and then Date.parse, but this will be an exact UTC variation of the local date time.
{_snaptype_datetime:2019-11-13T06:04:41.424 UTC}
Not the
{_snaptype_datetime:2019-11-13T11:04:41.424 UTC}
that I want to see.

I can’t just add 5 hours as it isn’t always 5 hours difference during daylight savings.

I feel like this should be simple and I’m sorry in advance if I’m missing something obvious.