How to get record Id from Salesforce Create snap

I am using Salesforce Create snap in Bulk API mode. How do I get record Ids of records that are created in Salesforce? The way we get it in Rest API mode is in a map in snap output. What should we check for in Bulk API mode?

Amey, I’ve not worked with Salesforce Create in Bulk API mode, so this is an educated guess/theory, but I think what you’ll get in the output view is the Job ID and Batch ID. You will then probably use a REST snap with those IDs to access the Get Batch Results API (link) to pull in IDs and whether success or error. But you’re going to need to monitor the batch and know when it’s finished, so you will want to look over the Bulk API (link) documentation - especially the Work with Jobs and Work with Batches sections - to get a good grasp of how it works.