How to get the value based on internal id and type using the NetSuite Get Snap

Hi All,

We are trying to get the Values based on Internal Id using the NetSuite Get Snap.
“platformCore:customLabel”:“ASSOCIATED CONSOLE _LINE”


In the Snap I am Passing the InternalId Is “@internalId”:“51”
Any one have Idea Please help me on this.


Use the NetSuite Get snap with $baseRef.type = “customList” and $baseRef.internalId = 395. That will output the full metadata for the custom list with id 395.

Send the output through a JSON Splitter with JSON Path = “$[‘soapenv:Body’].getResponse.readResponse.record[‘setupCustom:customValueList’][‘setupCustom:customValue’]”
In each output record, setupCustom:valueId is the id of the list item, setupCustom:value is the text name of that list item.

I suggest adding a Mapper to map setupCustom:valueId and setupCustom:value to simpler names, such as listValueId and listValueName.

Now you can use the Join snap to join the output from this Mapper to the output from your Search. Use an Inner join on the listValueId from the Mapper to the platformCore:searchValue.@internalId from the Search (in your example output the value is 51).