How to launch Workday EIB from Snaplogic


I am trying to use Workday write snap for calling Workday EIB. Workday Account associated with Workday Snap has access to EIB in Workday but still I am getting error in snaplogic “Processing error occurred. The task submitted is not authorized.”

Am I missing anything ?


Since you are not indicating what API operation your Workday Write is calling, I’m assuming you’re calling the “Launch_EIB” operation of the “Integrations” API. If so, I believe you will need to ensure your Workday Account user has Get and Put access in the “Integration Permissions” section of the “Integration Build” domain security policy - even if it already has access to related policies downstream of the EIB. Additional downstream policies may need to be granted - depending on intended EIB operation.

Thanks … it working adding Integration Build security.