How to merge all objects in an array

I got an array named “group” includes object items as the below picture

How can I merge all object items to one object? My expected result as the below picture. But, imagine that the number of item is unknown. It can be 3,4,5 , … (n).

Thank you!

Hi @khanh_tran ,

You can use JSON Splitter after this output and split on $group, this will give you only the objects inside the group array then you can use a Group by N snap to group all input data into a single array ( don’t forget to set the setting Group Size to 0 ).

Thank you! But your answer is not my expectation. I need object[0] merge to object[1] and to object[n].

If you merge all objects into one, the values will be overwritten for the key with the same name in each object. Is this what you want ?

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yes, sure. that’s all I want. Because every object will be not duplicated except the key-participant_survey_progress_sk. The field is also group by key, so it’s also not problem.

Just use the following expression, this should do the job:


This will simply put all objects from the array into a single object and it will overwrite duplicate keys.

Thank you. But my problem here is “I don’t know how many item in $group array”. I cannot type {}.extend($group[0],$group[1],$group[n…]) (T_T)

That won’t be a problem here, because I’m using destructuring assignment ( the three dots ) before the $group array ...$group, this will always work for every $group array regardless of the array size, you don’t have to get each index from the $group array, just use ...$group, this will destructure the array and will be the same as writing $group[0]... $group[n] multiple times.


Woah. That’s great. I didn’t know that. You’re my hero. hahaha. Here is my result. I worked.