How to read and fetch incoming documents in Script snap while using in JavaScript mode

i am planning to use script snap to read incoming data from json generator. through script snap i need to apply some complex logic on this document and then output it, how the incoming document can be refereed in script snap ? also is there any limitation of javascipt functions to be used in script snap?


If you drag a new Script snap on to the canvas, select JavaScript as the Scripting Language, the press the Edit Script button, it starts you off with a sample script.
The documentation for the script Snap also has a number of examples.

hi @cstewart

i am aware of use of snaps to archive this, what i am asking here is about much of things that happnes inside the script snap snippet to get my code running.

attached is the pipeline i want to execute, but facing some issuesDate Manipulation Using Java Script_2020_04_09.slp (10.3 KB)