How to restart a failed task using the public API

Hi, I’m going to design a pipeline that gets all the failed scheduled tasks information from this API " GET /runtime/{org}" and then restart the ones that are safe to restart (I have a list of pipelines that are safe to restart)!

My first question is which API can I use to restart an specific failed task?

And my second question is what does the “restart_attempts” key means in the output of “GET /runtime/{org}/{ruuid}?level=detail”? I’m asking because I want to restart a failed task if it has not been restarted already!

Thanks in advance


For updating SnapLogic assets(including Tasks) you can use SnapLogic Metadata Snaps.

Regarding yours specific requirement, I don’t have any examples at the moment to attach. I’ve used this snaps for updating/refreshing bearer token for Triggered Tasks.

So, you can explore the options using these snaps. Hopefully it will helps you.

Spiro Taleski