How to trigger a snaplogic pipeline. based on schedule completion in mainframes

Right now we are using SLIM to transfer the files from mainframes to S3 bucket to trigger the snaplogic pipelines manually upon the completion of mainframe schedule

Hi , I have a requirement to trigger a set of pipelines based on the files availability from a mainframe batch cycle automatically.
In short.

  1. Mainframe schedule that runs on demand /monthly and places few files for snaplogic .
  2. Once the mainframe schedule is completed the snaplogic pipelines should trigger automatically.

Is it possible for you to call a Triggered Task URL at the end of the Mainframe job schedule?

haven’t tried that. but looking for option if anyone tried before.

ASs far as my knowledge concerned triggered task url is not possible at the end of mainframe.

You could take a look at the File Poller snap - maybe you could simply schedule the SnapLogic pipeline on the same schedule as the Mainframe job and the File Poller would wait for the file to become available to begin the actual processing.

Ya thanks for the update. This is my final option as time trigger. Some times the mainframe schedule can be on demand So, i am looking for triggered task possibility.