How to validate a child pipeline from a parent pipeline


I’m fairly new to Snaplogic. Can someone please guide me on how to validate child pipeline from parent pipeline? When I run the parent pipeline it turns all green but I do not see the updates in the SQL table. When I validate it so I can preview the records at each stage, I don’t know how to preview the records on the child pipelines when I execute the parent pipeline.

Any help appreciated.


Hi @vsuresh – welcome to the SnapLogic platform. When using the Pipe Execute snap during validation, can you confirm that the snap is configured to run during validation and execution?


If that’s configured there, then you might also want to look at the SQL snap in the child pipeline. I think by default most snaps that “write” (like SQL insert, File Writer) are configured to not execute during validation.

Thank you fro replying. On the parent pipeline where the child pipeline is being called, it is set to Execute Only. I will change to validate and execute and see what i find. Thanks again.