How to write file with a specific name?


I am writing a zip file and I have a document id that I want to use as the zip file name. Could you suggest how to achieve it?

Hi @amit.saroha,

One approach is to put the snap that writes the file into another pipeline and use it as a child of the current one.
Inside child, you will create a parameter and you will use this parametes as name of the file.

With Pipeline Execute you will call that child pipeline.


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Scenario above is for if you write a file. If you read you can simply toggle button for the Expression Builder and select the $DocumentID

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Thanks, @viktor_n - I tried but it didn’t give the desired result. I guess something is missing. Please see the below screenshot.

On the left side there is a botton( = ) check that and replace file name with this one "Temp_Files/" + $DocumentId + ".zip"

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