HTTP payload

Hi Team,

My criteria is, I want to pass the payload with in REST Post snap without fetching the payload from the previous snaps. Is it possible? If Yes please help me on this.
Thank You

Hi @ykoppisetty,

Yes, setup the pipeline starting with a mapper with 1 input view available and set the mapper expression with


then create a triggered task where you can invoke the generated url as REST/POST


Hi @alchemiz,

Thanks for the reply, but my doubt is lets say if i have a JSON Payload, I am taking it from a JSON generator and then taking REST POST snap to get that payload data by using $ in HTTP Entity field, but my doubt is can i directly take that whole JSON payload in the REST POST snap itself at any section so within one snap i can take that payload which i want to send to any Third party application without fetching that payload from the previous snap.


@ykoppisetty if you are having doubts regarding the REST POST snap buffering the payload then try using the Http Client snap maybe this snap best suits your needs


Will check, Thank you @alchemiz