Inserting Multiple object records Salesforce


Is it possible to insert multiple object records in a single pipeline.
E.g. Insert Account first and then insert contacts and associate those contacts with the account using an external id field.


Yes you can do it. First setup the child object in the Related Object and Related External ID.

setup the objects like this


Hi Kishore,

Thank you for the revert.

I tried the way you have mentioned, but it is not working.
As of now I am using the following pipeline -

In the mapper snap I have mapped the contact and the account fields both and in the upsert snap, I have selected Contact as the object type and in the related object and field it was Account and External Id field respectively as suggested by the comment.

I also tried inserting the account first and then again reading the data from csv to insert the contact.

But the account insert snap and the file reader snap are not getting joined maybe because the output from insert snap is not a valid one for the file reader snap.

Is it possible if you can share the pipeline with me for reference?