Integration with AWS system manager service

Hi Team,

We have a requirement to cache credentials for specific time so that different pipelines executing with in the specific time window will not request AWS for new credentials each time we execute a new pipeline.

Currently at the beginning of each master pipeline execution we call AWS for credentials and assign those credentials to pipeline parameters for each required connection. The parameter values are used in the connections. So if we trigger 10 execution of master pipeline with in a minute we are requesting AWS 10 different credentials (one per execution).

We would like to request AWS credentials every 5 hours and cache the credentials in AWS system manger service parameter store. When a new execution occurs with the 5 hour window Master pipeline will retrieve cached credentials from AWS SSM instead of generating new credentials for each run.

I am looking for directions on below :

  • Does SnapLogic support writing/reading into AWS SSM parameter store using any out of box snap.
  • If out of box snap is not available, is there any other mechanism we can achieve the above use case like utilizing script Snap etc.

Thank You,
Majid Wani