Is it possible to pass a document when calling a pipeline from a URL?

I’m able to call a pipeline successfull from a url thanks to all the good information here on community. Posts like Providing Authentication for Triggered Tasks by passing credentials via https request where very helpful.

What i’m wondering now is if (and how) I can pass a json document output from another system, directly to the pipeline as part of the execution?

If not, what design patterns have you used when trying to pass data, and execute a pipeline externally?

Hi. Have you tried this?

  1. Exactly ONE open input view on the pipeline - this is where the passed data will land
  2. Pass the json doc in the body of the call to the URL
  3. Use REST POST, not GET

@jcampion, thanks for your response. This was really helpful and helped me to resolve this issue.

My pipeline is now setup with an open mapper, simply mapping $ to input. I tried your suggestion from postman, where a GET works,with no payload. My pipeline is setup with an open mapper, simply mapping to $input.

Trying to add a json body to and using POST resulted in a 500 error at first, but the good news is that the notification from the pipeline clued me into my mistake (exactly as you had directed me):

The state of pipeline [AC105 TEST inbound call]…] in organization … has changed to Failed.

Pipeline has no unlinked input views, but there is input data
Change the pipeline to have an unlinked input view or use a GET request
An unlinked input view is required when using POST with a triggered task

@acesario - glad you were able to get it to work. Yay!