Is there a way to generate Excel files and not write them to disk?

I have and Excel Formatter and a Rest Post Snap. I want to send the Excel File in the Rest Post Snap. Why do I have to write the Excel file to disk first? Can I create the Excel file in memory and pass that to the Rest Post Snap somehow without going to disk first?


You can save the file on SLDB first, and then reference the file in REST POST Single File Upload option.


Spiro Taleski

thats what im doing. I dont need to save it on the disk though. seems like a waste of time. Seems like I should be able to pass a variable to the rest post snap pointing to the file in memory and not write (file writer) then read (rest post) from disk. But, OK.


You can send the binary content(file) in the HTTP entity field of the REST Post snap also:

Rest Post Snap can get the content of the file from the upstream snap, without storing the file.

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