Kafka configuration account


I am trying to configure kafka account in snaplogic but it always keeps getting timeout.
I configured it in Postman and also in a rest post snap and that works with a header Authorization and then Basic xxxx.

But in the kafka producer snap the account configuration only needs a bootstrap server (I have this one), lets say test:9092
But I also have a value pair Key: 123
and a value pair Secret: XYZ
How do I configure these two value pairs I already tried tons of things like:

  • Same as REST POST: Authorization: Basic xxx, also added Content-Type: application/json
  • Key: 123 and Secret: XYZ
  • Tried kafka.api.key: 123 and kafka.api.secret: XYZ

They keep getting timed out. Has someone had a familiar case where they needed to configure a kafka account with a key and a secret and has some more insight in this?