Launched: New Public APIs for CI/CD

In 4.28 we will start introducing new and improved Public API endpoints to facilitate integration with your CI/CD tools:

  • Create new Project Spaces and Projects to run your tests
  • Manage Permissions in specific orgs as you promote pipelines and assets
  • List git status of assets in Project

We’ll be adding additional CI/CD functionality in the coming releases so stay tuned.

I am attempting to use the new api to create a new project. I am appending the to the path my specific org/space/newprojectname as indicated in the documentation. I have upgraded my snapplex to 4.28. The API is returning a 404 not found error. Is there something else needed for this to work?

How are you trying to to do the REST POST?
Does the project space exist for the project you are trying to create?

I am trying through PostMan.

The project space does exist. I believe my authentication is good as I am able to use a different API endpoint with success.