LDAP Delete Attribute - Clarification

I just want to verify the function of this snap, since I don’t have a staging Active directory available in which i could test this.

The documentation states that it ‘will completely remove the attribute itself’, which isn’t fully clear to me, could it actually remove an attribute from the AD Schema or does this just mean it will remove any value that it will find for that attribute?

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Hi @Henchway :

There is also a LDAP Delete Attibute Value snap which will delete just the values for the attribute.

It looks like the LDAP Delete Attribute snap will remove the attribute and value.

The snap looks up the distinguished name and then submits a ModifyRequest to remove the attribute. We use the Apache Directory API to do this which documents removal as “removing an attribute and value from an entry”.

That said, I actually haven’t tested this, but could to confirm. Others may have experience doing this.

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Thanks, I’ve tested it with Microsoft Active directory and it works as I hoped it would, it will simply delete all values for the attribute. This is required in my case as i don’t know the previous value in each case to selectively remove it.