List to Json object

I have a input as given below, how to convert into Json object.
“actions_values_json”: ““RecordID”: “22”, “FullName”: “Monique Davis”, “AddressLine1”: “12 N Manning Blvd””

output should be

“RecordID”: “22”,
“FullName”: “Monique Davis”,
“AddressLine1”: “12 N Manning Blvd”

The JSON parse() and stringify() functions might help.

Try a mapper snap that does a JSON.parse($actions_values_json)

Since the value is a plain string you need to add some extra characters for the parsing to work.

If you just want all the fields out, you can run JSON.parse in a mapper for example
JSON.parse('[{' + $actions_values_json + '}]')

If you want to work with specific objects from the string, it could look like this:
jsonPath(JSON.parse('[{' + $actions_values_json + '}]'), "$[*].AddressLine1")

Thank you Karlsson :grinning:

Thank you Christwr