Load sql query data to csv file and send this file in email as an attachment

Load sql query data to csv file and send this file in email as an attachment. I tried using snowflake execute snap to get sql data and then use csv parser and write to file writer.The data is not shown in file writer. Can you help me on solving this issue and then how to send the csv file in attachment. Thanks

are you getting an error?, you have to write the file in sldb, also I believe the attachment size should be less than 25 MB, after your file writer snap use an email sender snap and set the attachment property to $filename, This should work fine.
file writer output : image
email sender: image


Please see attached, (i have 2 issues- csv file not generated and file not sent in email).I am not able to send data of sql to csv file.Please see attached

Do you get any data when you validate the pipeline? or you dont get the output in validation too

I am getting cannot connect to email server, though same server works in another application tool for sending email. Can this be a access issue?

Failed to send email message: Could not connect to SMTP host: xxx, port: 25

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Email Sender[58b7a2f5ba6d563aff5d73d9_6dded5c7-fe3c-4525-a1b1-2640e8cf9562 – d3383eb5-462b-4d09-b45e-beb2f059f42e]
com.snaplogic.snap.api.SnapDataException: Failed to send email message

at com.snaplogic.snaps.email.EmailSender.writeErrorView(EmailSender.java:629

Hi @hina_walia,

It’s looks like an connection issue. Can you please check if the properties of the SMTP email account configuration(password, port, Server domain, Secure connection) in SnapLogic are correct?


yes i will check and get back to you. Thanks in advance.