Looking for a Call notification solution

Hi SnapLogic Experts,

SnapLogic currently allows us to set up email notifications for task failures. However, during off-work hours, we are missing email notifications for critical job failures. To address the issue, we’d like to implement a solution that sends a phone call or a Teams chat call when an execution fails.

SnapLogic doesn’t appear to have an in-built feature for this, so we’re looking for a workaround or a third-party application integration.

We’re also looking to see if Microsoft provides a call notification feature from Office 365 apps.

I’m hoping that this has already been implemented by someone who can assist us in sharing information about it.

Any information about this would be greatly appreciated.



SnapLogic has in-built feature for sending notifications/messages through Slack.

Please take a look at the below links, there is a possibility for sending task notifications through Slack:



Spiro Taleski

Thanks for the response @Spiro_Taleski. I’ve already gone through this. It can send a notification message to a Slack channel/user but not over a Slack call. A call notification is what we’re looking for.

Could you please share any workarounds you are aware of? I would like to know more.

Hi @spinaka,

I would suggest you to explore the Twilio snap pack that Snaplogic is offering:
Twilio snap pack