Mandatory Diff Snap Outputs

What is the reasoning for changing the Diff snap to require all 4 outputs? And what’s the best way to ignore the outputs you don’t want when creating a child pipeline and you need to “plug up” those outputs? I assume union them together and input them into what? Thanks in advance!

They were made mandatory as the resolution for errors that were seen when copying and pasting a Diff Snap that had views removed.

Thanks, I know you weren’t responsible for that decision but that seems like an unbalanced trade off. I now have to add multiple other snaps to pipelines that execute many times just so developers can copy and paste the Diff snap, which isn’t configurable enough to cause a lot of re-work, IMO. What’s the recommended way to “plug” those outputs then?

For outputs you don’t need, you should be able to just let them sit open.

Well, when creating a child pipeline I can only have one output and I don’t want any of these unwanted diff outputs as the output of the child so I believe I need to stop them. What is the recommended method?

you can add a script snap with no output to discard them if you really dont need them.

Thanks, that’s what I was doing. It just seems like a waste of resources just so the Diff snap can be copied and pasted…

Wow! I had not realized yet the diff outputs were recently set at minimum of 4. For the record, I disagree with this approach to fix a defect in the copy/paste behavior by creating undesirable constraints on a snap. The defect should be resolved instead.

@kmiesse, I used to use the python script snap for the same purpose but then developed a custom do-nothing “bookend” snap to do the same. The execution performance was improved by using the custom snap instead of the script. I can share the code if you like.

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@del, please do share. I have never built a custom snap. Thanks!