Migrate Pipelines

Hi Community,
I’m trying to build a pipeline that migrate pipelines, accounts, tasks from one Org to another.

I constantly receive an error message for the SnapLogic Create snap, while creating the pipeline in an folder. Could you please help me on this part.

Error: Failure: Exception creating pipeline %s, Reason: Snapi request failed: {“response_map”: {“error_list”: [{“message”: “‘snap_map’”}]}, “http_status_code”: 500}

$target_path: org/project_space/new_project/pipeline ; which will be given as input to the asset path from the above snap.

Is it one pipeline that it is catching on or all?

There are also some migration pipelines you can look at in our pattern catalog if you want to try another pipeline: Migration Patterns

Hi Miller,
Thanks for your response.

Here’s my pipeline and depending on the key words that can migrate one or many - pipelines, accounts or tasks.

Yes, I’ve taken inspiration from your Mirate Pipelines.slp and designed mine(still some work with migrating files). I could see the target path generated from mapper snap and it’s absolutely fine but still I end up with the above mentioned error.

Pipeline Parameters

Glad you found them.

I’m checking with our Dev team on the error.

What is coming out of the initial Mapper?

Any particular reason the Pipeline List is concurrent to Pipeline Read? I usually use List to find what is in a project and then Read to get the details of those items, so I’m wondering if joining the data in the Union Snap is creating a schema that is not what the Create Snap is expecting.


The initial mapper takes the pipeline parameters and formulates the source and target asset paths.

The concurrency is for, if I want to migrate only one pipeline, then I the pipeline read path will be taken, If I want to migrate set of pipelines it goes via pipeline list. So, there’s always only 1 active path.

With the List path, you would still need a Read after it to read the schema of those pipelines so that the Create can recreate them.

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