Modify the Date format on SOAP Execute


Hello Snaplogic community,

I have an issue when I try to créate a recrod with soap execution, I try to créate a vendorBill on netsuite but when execute the Pipeline I receive the below error.

Failure: An error occurred while executing the SOAP request, Reason: java.text.ParseException: Invalid dateTime format: $record.createdDate, Resolution: Please verify that the request data is valid

I’m using the souap execute and netsuite create snaps. Is there any way to modify the date format when the soap execute generate the template?

Best regards

If you have not already, I recommend that you contact SnapLogic Support to assist with the situation.

In a general sense, it sounds like the data format returned by your SOAP Execute snap is not the format NetSuite is expecting and a Mapper snap will be needed to correct the SOAP results. According to NetSuite’s documentation for Vendor Bill at, the filed is a ‘datetime’ type and is not required. The SOAP Execute snap may be returning the data as a string.