Move/renaming files on SFTP server

I’m designing a pipeline to get a data file from an sftp server, use the data, and then rename the file to a filename with date and time and move it to an archive subfolder.

I am attempting to use the pipeline from the showcase at:

Is there a better way to do it now?

In the sample pipeline from the showcase it includes the username and password as variables rather than snaplogics authentications as used by the File Writer snap.

Is there a way I can get this pipeline to use snapalogic authentication?

If not, I see that the password is encrypted (obfuscated)… What is the best way to securely pass the password into the script?


I am in the same boat for this situation now. I looked at that script and it looks like a very old way doing this.

Is there a better way? Using a snap to rename files have been downloaded?

Hi Michael,

Yes. I found that the “File Operation” snap with “Move” as the operation worked for me:



Thanks @swright , I am attempting to use File Operation to rename files in the same directory. Any idea if this File Operation will do that?

I got it done using File Operation