Need to create sftp path

Hi Guys,

I have to load a file into sftp location. I got hostname,portname,username and password.
I can see the directories in winscp. But i have to access it through snaplogic.

I created binary>Basic Auth sftp account with username nd password.
I dont know the whole sftp path so i am not able to access it through snaplogic.
Can you guys help me in this? what will be the sftp path?

suppose hostname :
port name : 44
username :abc
directory : /ar/um/

Can we create sftp path ?

Hi @Pakhi ,

Your sftp connection would be s

You can see more details in File Writer snap

Don’t forget to choose the account in the Account tab.


@Pakhi Before trying to connect via SnapLogic, use some other tool like winscp to connect that sftp server. Usually sftp port is 22, double check with provider. If that works follow what Marjan mention.