Need to update task parameters for multiple pipelines dynamically using excel file

Hi Everyone,

I have a requirement to update task parameters for multiple pipelines at a time. I’m using excel file to provide the task, snaplex, parameters and environment details.

I can create or update tasks using meta data snaps for single pipeline. I want to update parameters for different pipelines with different task parameters using excel file.

Can anyone help me in reading the parameters from excel file and updating task parameters accordingly for different pipelines.

migration Test - Copy (1).xlsx (11.4 KB)

The SnapLogic Metadata snappack can be used to build a pipeline to perform such updates. The flow would be:

  1. Read the Excel file using File Reader and Excel Parser snaps
  2. For each Task referenced in the file, use the Metadata Read snap to read the task information
  3. Use a Mapper snap to update the Task information with the required parameter/snaplex changes
  4. Use the Metadata Update snap to update the Task with new metadata
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Hi Aveda,

I can do the steps you have mentioned above. But my questions is how to read the task parameters for different pipelines and update them. Can you check the excel file and create a sample pipeline to update task parameters by reading from the excel file?

Thank you for reply.