NetSuite Attach Operation

We are building a pipeline where we create a vendor record in NetSuite using NetSuite Create Snap. We also have some attachments related to vendor that we would like to attach to the vendor when it is created in NetSuite using NetSuite Snaps. Based on NetSuite Doucment, we have attach method that we can use to attach file to vendor record.

We can upload a file in NetSuite File Cabinet using NetSuite Create Snap and selecting File record.
But I do not see this attach option in NetSuite Snap anywhere. How do I send the attachment details in NetSuite while creating a record? Or how do I link the attachment to record once it is uploaded in File Cabinet using available NetSuite Snaps?

@bjadav, I believe we don’t have the feasibility to attach a file to the vendor record when we create it through SnapLogic.
The alternate approach I would suggest is to pass the file name into a custom field on the vendor and have a user event script deployed on the Vendor record to attach the file to the vendor when the record is being created.

Are you able to Upload a PDF file into the NetSuite File cabinet through SnapLogic?

@skodali Yes I am able to upload file to NetSuite File Cabinet using SnapLogic. But I couldn’t find a way to attach that file with vendor record using SnapLogic even though NetSuite WebServices supports it.

@bjadav Can you share a sample pipeline to upload a PDF file into the NetSuite File cabinet?
I have tried to upload the file but not able to get a successful upload.

@skodali I have file stored in DB as blob storage. Through MySQL I fetch these blob data and map it to file record of NetSuite create Snap.


File gets successfully uploaded on NetSuite File Cabinet folder but for some reason, file size is way less then what it is and I can not open file from NetSuite once it is published.