Netsuite Search Snap facing error

Hi All,

When we are using the Netsuite Search Snap facing the below error:
this error is Snaplogic side or Netsuite side?
anyone have an idea about this error help me on this.


Hi Kullay,

Our own QA team reported the same issue this morning. I’ve been investigating. It seems the problem is on the NetSuite side, where their servers are not using a consistent domain in the URLs used by their import statements. For example, here’s one of the imports in the content returned for

<xsd:import namespace=“” schemaLocation=“”/>

The domain in the schemaLocation is But what I can see in our logs is that the domain is sometimes for the same xsd file. Since the URL is different, it will try to load that file again and result in conflicting definitions for the types defined in that file.

What I recommend is that you use the 2019.1 version of the NetSuite WSDL, where they use relative paths instead of absolute URLs, like this:

<xsd:import namespace=“” schemaLocation="…/…/xsd/platform/v2019_1_0/core.xsd"/>

Using this version of the WSDL is likely to avoid the issue. You can change the WSDL version in your NetSuite account settings.

Hope that helps.

Does this mean that come 1st Jan 2020, we will have to change the URL.
If so then this will be a maintenance issue.


No. You don’t have to change any URLs. I’m saying that starting with version 2019.1 of their WSDL and associated XSD files, NetSuite changed the way they use URLs in their imports. To use this version, just edit your NetSuite account and set the WSDL Year to 2019 and the WSDL Release to 1. That version will not have the problem you encountered. You shouldn’t need to upgrade again because of this issue, as NetSuite will continue to support this version for the next several years. See “Support for Existing WSDL Versions” in the SuiteTalk Platform Guide (