Netsuite token based account

Hi All,

Recently netsuite updated to token based, Anyone making use of netsuite token based account to access netsuite.


Hello Umashankar,

It is possible to use NetSuite token based accounts, which you can see here in our documentation: If you have already tried that an encountered an issue, please let us know.


Hi Roger,

I have tried following up with documentation and asked NS team to create required privileges to grant access to snaplogic user and got token credentials.

I have included all the mandatory elements required for creating account, but unfortunately it’s failed to validate successfully.

Do we have any options to resolve or any further provisions required by netsuite team to provide for the snaplogic user.


Can you provide more details on what error you are seeing here?

When generating the token, please pick the Integration named SnapLogic
as its (Application ID and) consumer key and secret are hardcoded in our Netsuite snaps.

also ensure to pick the user
who is assigned the role with the login in using access tokens, web services…privileges

otherwise invalid login attempt error occurs.

Hi Mina,

Thanks for your updates.

Actually we have to create access token for existing integration user, NS team updated bundle later token account successfully validated.

Looks like steps for snaplgoic NS token account creation should be updated with proper steps to follow.