Not able to load all logs in ultra task Dashboard

we’re unable to load more than 100 logs from Dash board for Ultra task.
Any help for this would be appreciated

@jaganpusuluri Can you please provide more details on the exact information you are referring to.

Logs keep rolling to backup based on the number of pipelines and the size configured in the snaplex properties

Are you referring to the runtimes of the ultra task for each document or is it the complete log data.

Hi @vkbeemanapalli we have nearly 14 ultra task running in prod. for you’re refe:

1 ultra task started on 20th of this month and running also posted nearly 2L records to trgt system. but trgt system tell there is no data in there system. Hence need to validate it from SL dashboard.

@jaganpusuluri As far as i am aware it might not be possible to get the details of the data or logs for the number of records pushed to target system.

When you open runtime statistics > it shows the number of documents posted > May be it might be worth trying to run the pipeline manually by stopping the existing one and see how the logs for a known record or data.

What is the end point you have posted the data to?