Oracle Bulk Load Snap - add support to load tables with virtual columns

The Oracle Bulk Load Snap fails when attempting to load tables containing virtual columns. The only way to insert data into a table containing virtual columns is via the Oracle Insert or Oracle Execute Snaps. Please add support to the Oracle Bulk Load Snap to load tables with virtual columns.

Even though we don’t explicitly specify the virtual columns in the pipeline, SnapLogic includes the table’s virtual columns in the sqlldr control file and includes NULL or empty values in the data for those virtual columns. My recommendation is for SnapLogic to exclude the virtual columns from the sqlldr control file and omit the NULL or empty values from the data.

The following error is being produced by the current Oracle Bulk Load Snap.

Record rejected

Please address the reported issue.

Record 1: Rejected - Error on table “schema”.“tablename”, column “virtualcolumn1”.
ORA-54013: INSERT operation disallowed on virtual columns
Table “schema”.“tablename”:

This has been submitted for consideration by our Support team.