Oracle execute syntax

I am running select queries in Oracle execute. They run fine but i have 2 issues. I am unable to use any where clauses and I am unable to do any kind of date formatting in the mapper. For example, i need the format of the date to be MM/DD/YYYY but when i try to map that, I get NaN or a blank date. The mapping works fine if I am just looking at an excel spreadsheet. Here is an example of the date issue and what i am trying to format:







Date.parse($[‘Date of Birth’]).toLocaleDateTimeString({“format”:“MM-DD-YYYY”})

I am not finding a lot of Oracle Syntax documentation. If anyone can point me in a direction, i would appreciate it.

If you are using Oracle Execute, I’m assuming you are overriding the SELECT statement, so you could possibly just use the built-in Oracle TO_CHAR function to format the date as desired rather than waiting to do it in SnapLogic.