Oracle SQ Stored Procedure

Oracle SQL Stored Procedure status is not completing in snaplogic level

while its completed in sql level.
we are passing Date key as a Parameter
Merge Procedure


SQL Statement

select CAST(TO_CHAR(TRUNC(CAST(SYSTIMESTAMP AT TIME ZONE ‘Asia/Calcutta’ AS DATE)-20, ‘mm’), ‘YYYYMMDD’) AS int) as DATEKEY from dual

Using Oracle Stored Procedure snap, you can’t enter two rows in the “Parameter Values” section, and expect it be used as val1 == val2. Pls go thru the snap doc.

If your procedure has two params, then the values given in the settings are supplied as input to those params.

In this case, try using Oracle Execute snap and see if that helps.

Its Failed only in that condition if row data count exceeds more than 20 lac other its back status as completed.