Parent pipeline executing different child pipelines based on condition

I have an existing parent pipeline that calls a child pipeline. I have to add another call to another child pipeline. I have to update the parent pipeline so it can call any of the two different child pipelines based on conditions. I tried to use the Conditional snap but getting error on it and in the succeeding Mapper snap. Can someone provide an example of snap flow on how to call a child pipeline based on condition. Thanks. Would really appreciate any help.

Hi @koolraul,

Conditional snap will actually work in your case, if everything is correct. One possible issue that I can see on the screenshot is that the conditional snap and the Pipeline Execute snap are not connected.

If you want to experiment further, you can try putting the condition in the Pipeline Execute snap, for example:

$param == 'a' ? "pipeline_a" : "pipeline_b"

Hope this helps,


Hi Bojan,

This one helps. Thanks a lot for your input.

Bes regards.