Parsing CSV

Hi ,

This happened suddenly and before the process was working fine . My source file was in semicolon delimited format and I need to parse with a csv parser with delimiter ; before inputting to the mapper but I could not get the possible targets in the mapper to map as shown below. Please do the needful and also I attach fewer screenshots

- Mapper output
image - csv parser
- Sample of source file

What version of the Snap are you using and when did you notice a change in behavior?

I’m not sure what you are asking.

If you think something is no longer working and you didn’t make any changes, you may want to contact SnapLogic Support.

It looks like you’re showing an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets doc. Can you please check whether the raw .csv file itself looks exactly like that by opening it in a plain text editor/viewer? It seems possible that if you exported this from Excel/Sheets as a csv file, it may not look the way you think it does.