Pass parameter from child pipeline to parent pipeline

I have a parent pipeline that executes a child pipeline. The child pipeline’s sole purpose to write a single row to a logging table. After writing to the logging table, the child pipeline runs a Select Snap to get the newly inserted log_id.

My question is: is it possible to pass the log_id from the child pipeline back to the parent pipeline as a parameter? I know it’s possible to pass it as a document (and join with other documents in my parent pipeline) but then that causes all sorts of other issues.

Main question, is it possible to set a parent’s parameter from a child pipeline?

Pipeline parameters cannot be modified once a pipeline execution starts. The child pipeline cannot modify the parent pipelines parameters. The log_id would have to go in the output document which goes to the parent.

@akidave Can you please submit a feature request? It would be INCREDIBLY useful to be able to pass parameters in both directions parent --> child and child --> parent. Global pipeline variables would be very useful too.

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Seconding all of this.