Pass parameter to a pipeline by creating a new scheduled task (or new account)

I´m working on a project here and i just can’t find on documentation how to do it:

I´ve created “Pipeline 1” that receives data from one endpoint, map it and sends data to a different endpoint (OAuth Authenticated).

Then I created “Pipeline 2” that is exposed as a triggered task. It should receive an authentication code as parameter and create a Scheduled Task that runs “Pipeline 1” every day but using the authentication code parameter.

The task is being created by copying an existing Task, using SL Read and SL Create. The question is: How can I set a parameter to the new scheduled task, so it would pass this parameter when executing the pipeline?

I also thought of creating a an account and setting the authorization parameter to it, but i cant do it, seems like it works the same way creating a new scheduled task does. Is there a way of creating an account (SL read + SL Create) while setting parameters?

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Hi @rmedeiros - welcome to the Community!

I’ve attached a pipeline that I believe will demonstrate what you are trying to do with mapping a parameter value as you are reading / writing the task metadata.
UpdateTaskParm_2022_05_02.slp (5.0 KB)

This version uses pipeline parameters to pass in the name of the pipeline to read along with the parameter name to be set and the parameter value you want it set to.


Helped a lot, thanks…

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